12 most unique gifts for movie lovers

It’s safe to say most of us know at least one person that loves a certain movie. There are people close to us that adore entire franchises or genres.

Old or new, scary or funny, lovable or controversial, there are films that move our hearts in a way reality doesn’t. 

As far as special occasions go, the struggle of finding the perfect gift can be exhausting. Luckily, there is a whole world of absolutely fantastic film treasures you can buy. 

These are the most unique gifts for movie lovers. Let’s dive into the magical list of exciting and fun present ideas for movie lovers!

Popcorn maker for a home cinema

There is something so special about arranging a proper movie night with all its enticing elements.

Comfortable, cozy setup, dimmed lights, drinks, phones off, snacks. The works that give the authentic cinema experience the je ne sais quoi, that we all love so much. 

For many, popcorn is an absolute must. The very smell of popped kennels dipped in butter moves us closer to the big screen.

How about going one step further and turning a simple popcorn-making into an entire cinematic ritual? Beautiful, vintage popcorn maker that’ll turn every screening into old school cinematic show.

Also, fantastic home decor for all those who love to get lost in the movie world. One of the best gifts for movie lovers you can think of.

best gift for movie lovers

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Movie projector

To supplement the magical cinema night in the comfort of your home, a good-quality projector is a must.

With such a big choice on the market, it all comes down to thorough research and reading thousands of reviews. 

Luckily, we’ve done that all for you. We’ve selected two pieces that have pleased the biggest percentage of consumers, with the best customer support, the design, and are easy to use. 

Top-quality home cinema

The 5050UB Epson is one of the best home projectors currently on the market.

Despite its big size, this piece of equipment will satisfy the highest expectations for home cinema. Warning: the sheer visual quality may deem your current TV obsolete. 

Portable mini projector

Movie lovers should always have the opportunity to get good film on the roll – anywhere they go!

If you’re looking for something smaller and more portable, GooDee 2021 G500 Video Projector is the way to go.

It provides great visual quality for its size, is easy to use, and is compatible with phones, TV sticks, and HDMI. 

Get a whole set with a projector screen and enjoy your home cinema with the entire family! 

Harry Potters time turner

Looking for a beautiful film memoir that isn’t just for decoration? The famous time-turner carried by Hermione Granger is a beautiful piece of jewelry for all Harry Potter movie lovers.

The product is officially licensed as a replica, made with 24-karat gold and all the details that mirror its original.

For all those with a head in the clouds and a heart full of dreams – a fantastic and unexpected gift idea. 

Beauty and the Beast Rose

This stunning replica of the magic rose of Beauty and the Beast is one of our personal favorites on the list.

An amazing present idea for all those romantics, that cherish the old Disney movie lovers and seek magic in their everyday life. 

Did you ever want to gift flowers but had a feeling it may not be enough to show just how much you cherish them? This is your cue, Romeo. 

Movie claps with markers

Are your loved ones dreaming of a film career and you want to show your support?

Or perhaps you know someone that’s into the unique decor and this little piece will fit in their place just perfectly? 

A fantastic prop for a family to make home videos extra special. A great start for anybody beginning their journey into the world of cinema. Edgy decoration. 

Get this professional movie clap and cheer someone up in those unsettling times. 

T-REX skull 

Every single true fan of Jurassic Park can admit that the T-Rex skeleton is just… awesome. The thought of having such a display at home or in a garden is tempting, but who has the space? Figured. How about settling in the middle, and getting a perfect replica of just a head? It is in fact the best part anyway. 

Spare no expense this year and gift someone this incredible T-Rex skull, made with all the right proportions and details.

If they love this, who knows? Perhaps life will find a way to get them full dinosaur skeleton next year. 

Movie car ride

Some of the many fun elements we see in films are… cars. They print in our memory as part of the story and often go straight to the bucket list. 

How about getting someone special a ride in a very special car? Make the wildest dreams come true and organize one of a kind ride in a movie car! 

De Lorean from Back to the future? Batmobile? Steve Mcqueen’s mustang? One of many Luis de Funes vintage pieces? James Bond’s famous sports cars? Unique car rentals can be found all over the world. However, if you’re having trouble finding the right car drop us a message, and we will help if we can!

This gift is perfect not only for movie lovers – every car enthusiast will be absolutely thrilled.

Once you arrange the ride, simply get a miniature version of the car and wrap it in shiny paper. The element of surprise will be so thrilling. 

Hogwarts gift trunk 

Do you know anyone that’s about ready to become a full-blown little wizard? Or perhaps, looking for a gift for someone who simply adores the world of Harry Potter? 

Get this gorgeous, leather wizard trunk full of all the basic things you need on your first day in Hogwarts. The trunk is neutral (for obvious reasons) however you can choose the trunk from any house you wish! 

Handy, fun, and beautifully finished the I-wish-it-was-available-when-i-was-a-kid-yet-I-still-want-it set comes in different sizes and house colors. Get one today and send someone on an awesome journey! 

Pulp fiction poster

The classic 90s theme and a brilliant creation – Pulp Fiction’s style is timeless. The original poster brings out everything we love about the energy of the film. 

A simple, 90s home decoration for all those who love Quentin Tarantino creations. 

Da Vinci Code Cryptex

Know anyone who’d love to solve riddles with Tom Hanks? It’s just a few clicks away! Minus Tom Hanks of course. 

Beautifully made Cryptex from Da Vinci Code movie is not just a cool replica. You can set up any password you want (the default one is “ILOVEYOU”) and hide a loving note inside the cryptex. 

Very personal and romantic gift, for all those riddle lovers. 

Thors Hammer 

If you know anyone who’s worthy, loves top-quality gadgets, and is crazy about Marvel Universe – we’ve got a winner. The leather fine grip and hefty construction make it feel just.. right. 

An enjoyable addition to the proper collection, professional costume addition, or simply a fun gig – you can’t go wrong with a gods hammer. 

Iron Mans Helmet

Another awesome collectible, or just overpriced wind protection – Iron Man’s legendary helmet.

This full-size version is absolutely perfect for an authentic role-play action – or hiding from a chatty acquaintance. Grant someone an awesome opportunity to fight evil and bring justice to the world. 

The eyes in the helmet light up. Did we mention that? 

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