44 Most unique advent calendar gifts in 2022

That time of the year is coming folks. We get it, it gets stressful around the holidays. The crowds in the store, the preparation, deadlines, closing last quarter, wrapping gifts last-minute. 

Does it have to be like this? It’s hard to maintain the magic of Christmas as adults. The merry gets replaced with duties pilling on. The shadow of responsibilities can take all the fun away.

How about treating your loved ones with a little surprise to ease their busy December days? That’s right, we’re talking Advent Calendar with little surprises to brighten each day and put a smile on their faces.

Now you’ve got two options – get already made, one-of-a-kind advent calendar or compose one yourself. Let’s dive into all the goodies out on the market so you can decide for yourself.

Ready-to-go advent calendars

Advent calendars are not just boxes of chocolate for children anymore. Each year brands go out of their way to prepare special boxes with miniature versions of their products. 

The anticipation for each day with new surprises is amazing, and they know it. After all, it’s a big part of Christmas magic, isn’t it? 

Beauty advent calendar 2022

A little bit of self-care can be really daunting, especially in winter. During the short days and fuss over holidays, we all need a little something to do for ourselves. 

This marvelously packaged advent calendar from Harrods includes 25 top brand beauty products, 22 of them actually full size. 

If you want to splurge this year on something fancy and top quality – this is the real deal. 

Adult advent calendar

This brand turned Naughty or Nice into Naughty AND Nice with this beautiful erotic advent calendar. If you want to treat your special someone (and yourself!), consider one.

We’ve scattered the internet, hundreds of naughty advent calendars. The Naughty And Nice piece not only has top-quality items but is also extremely classy and aesthetically pleasing. 

adult advent calendar

Coffee advent calendar

This is for true connoisseurs of coffee. If the receiving end of your Holiday surprise also loves the TV Show Friends, you are in even bigger luck. 

This advent calendar lets you discover a variety of coffee flavors for every day of December. In the most adorable packaging may we add. Coffee comes in capsule forms so make sure a person you want to gift has a corresponding coffee machine. 

Friends coffee advent calendar

Want to make this present extra special? Add a Central Perk mug to the gift! 

Central perk friends coffee mug

Not sure if your recipient has the right coffee machine? Consider getting a different kind of Coffee Advent Calendar in form of pot bags: 

Coffee advent calendar

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Do it yourself Christmas advent calendar

For an extra personal touch, you can actually assemble an advent calendar yourself. It sounds like a hassle, but with this ultimate guide, you’ll be done in minutes. 

Choosing 24 little gifts seems excessive? Doesn’t have to be! You can get a few items and spread them throughout the entire December. With one, final gift for Christmas day.

No matter the amount, the surprise and the anticipation will brighten up each day as you and your loved ones prepare for the Holidays. 

Gifts for the DIY advent calendar

Here is a long list of small items, perfectly sized for an advent calendar you can choose from when assembling your own. 

These items come from various unique categories and will suit even the pickiest recipients.

But how do we decide which things to choose? It’s all about listening. There is a big chance your loved one, friend, or spouse mentioned to you something regarding things they like or need. 

You’re not expected to remember all this of course! But perhaps going through the list will trigger memories and associate the item with the person you want to gift this year. 

Not remembering anything like that doesn’t make this idea any less doable. That is the beauty of advent calendars – the best part is about repetitive anticipation, not the perfection of gifts. 

Even getting a few silly items for your loved one will put them in a great mood – and yourself on the way! That means you think about them and want to give them some joy this Christmas. 

Let’s dive right in!

Moon lamp – with 16 colors of light to choose from
Picture display with gold stars
Super soft, seasonal couch blanket
Rose gold coffee scoops
Air plant terrarium
Vintage old upcycled records coasters
Christmas tree scented candle
Chocolate fudgy bombs
Vintage Christmas countdown
Lighted gift boxes
Shower & outdoors waterproof speaker
Amazon gift card – Holiday edition
Schrunchie with a hidden pocket
Gold page anchor for avid readers
Breakfast maker – all in one
Romantic drinking game for couples
Date bucket list game for couples
Kinky truth or dare game for adults
Golden heart locket
Vitamin C serum – for every skin type
Beard oil
Essential oil bathbombs
Nourishing oil for all hair types
Ultimate hair perfector
Spiral hoop earings in gold
Travel challenges game
Winning moves family game
Rotating whimsical drink glasses
Cocktail drink bombs
Ultimate snack board
Fuzzy slippers
Heated blanket
Blanket hoodie
Best wine-smelling soap set of 4
Electric S’mores maker
Root beer kit – chemistry set
Minimalistic home pizza maker
World hottest sauce
Travel Margarita set


All the nice, shiny things that’ll make your loved one smiling and giddy need a proper wrap. Be it a box, beautiful paper, or a nice shiny bow on top. Now, you can make them yourself, but who has the time? 

The market is swirling with the most exceptional options for advent calendar wrappings. Every possible material, size, color, aesthetic, and smell is out there. 

Let’s face it – wrapping is half the success of gift-giving. Especially advent calendars – your recipients will be watching the presents for days until they can open them. 

Let’s go through the most unique options this year!

Gift boxes 


These boxes are definitely the Lamborghini of gift boxes. The set contains 5 luxury boxes in different sizes – just perfect for the variety of advent calendar gifts! 

The boxes, as well as ribbons, are all black and of remarkable quality. If you know someone who adores dark aesthetics and elegant touch – this is it!

How about a little gold and marble? These stunning boxes come in several colors – and shapes! 

Christmas theme

The choices in that department are truly endless. To avoid browsing through millions of options, we’ve narrowed the choice to three different box sets. 

They differ in size and style, but all resemble the magic spirit we all know from when we were children. Choose wisely which one to go for based on the sizes of your gifts, the right quantity, and the aesthetic. 

But don’t worry – they will all please the eye of the gift recipients and make up for amazing Holiday decor!


It would be a real shame if you’d have to blow off half of your budget on the gift packaging alone. So we gathered a few options that will allow you to pour hard-earned cash into presents – but still gift beautifully wrapped goodies. 

Christmas stockings

This one is for everyone with enough space in their home and tons of imagination. Following the tradition of Holiday stockings above the fireplace (or a window!) is an extra effort for that Christmas look. 

Stockings are also a marvelous way to wake up that inner child and make everyone longing for that magic back in the day extra happy!

From velvety, cozy multicolor options all the way to minimalistic and elegant – we got you covered!

Don’t forget the stocking holders for this one! With these, you can hang your presents in any place with a little bit of flat surface. Or even spread them around the house! 

Wrapping paper

Classic option when it comes to wrapping presents. But which one to choose?

Which one will not tear apart? Which one will look like the picture of the manufacturer? Which one will look the most dashing under the Christmas Tree?

We’ve collected a couple of options based on the quality, style, and most unique look! 

Happy Holidays from Presentful!

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